The business owners we work with are passionate about providing first-class products and services to their customers and are ambitious about growing their businesses. 

They have often reached a plateau and find it challenging to ascend to the next level. 
This may be because the infrastructure of the business hasn’t changed since inception and no longer supports what the owner wants to achieve. 
They try to plug the gap by increasing their own workload. This means making sacrifices in other important areas: family, leisure and wellbeing. 

There is another solution. 

Our process begins with the owner: 
Why are you doing this? 
What do you want to achieve? 
We then rebalance the business to achieve the owner’s goals. In so doing, processes are streamlined, customers are better served and the business can thrive. 
In addition, one of our key aims is to encourage our clients to pay greater attention to their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their team and business. In doing this, they will be of even greater help to their customers. 
Gaining Clarity 
Our tailored, proven, executive coaching process provides steps to put you firmly on the path to business and personal growth. 
Topic – What do you want to talk about? 
Goal – Where do you want to be? 
Reality – Where are you now? 
Options – How might this be achieved? 
Will – What are the best next steps now? 
1-2-1 Coaching 
Considering all aspects of your life. 
“Researchers find that 69 per cent of people feel trapped in the same old routine and over 40 per cent are unhappy with their lives.’’  
(Source: The UK Optimism Audit) 
Many people know instinctively that they are not living to their full potential. 
Our coaching provides space to consider all aspects of your life. The wheel helps identify what those key areas are and where you are in relation to them. It’s a great place to start in determining priority areas for improvement, development and growth. 

Personal Wellbeing 

Data from the Office for National Statistics 
"My anxiety level is very low." 
"I am very happy." 
"What I do is worthwhile." 
"I am very satisfied with life." 

If you would like to find out more about any of our services, or want to arrange an initial no-obligation consultation with Arah or one of the team, please get in touch... 

Who I Work With 

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