We work primarily with the owners of small and medium-sized enterprise businesses (SMEs). 

Having said that, recent clients have included a FTSE 100 financial services firm and a global computer games company. 
We focus on developing the capacity of the leader first, and then the team. This is because, in our experience, many of the internal issues that plague a business start there; and the smaller the business, the more likely this is to be true. 
SMEs are the engine of the UK economy. We need them to succeed and thrive. For that reason, it is our mission to enable owners to have the business they always dreamt they would. 

How We Work 

The first step is a gap analysis 
This process compares the actual performance or results of the business with what was hoped for and anticipated. 
This moves naturally on to business consultancy 
The most important thing here is to establish why the business exists and what the owner wants the business to be. With that knowledge, it is possible to build a plan that matches its aims and objectives. 
Our service is results focused, and so it is vital that measures of success are agreed at the outset. This stage is likely to involve the development of a strategic plan, goal setting and a learning needs analysis for the business as a whole. 
At this point, it is helpful to also involve the wider team, as it is essential that everyone plays a part in the regeneration of the business. 
A key part of moving the business forward is the implementation of a skills programme
A few examples of interventions that may be included are: 
Lead the Team programme – This is a 2 to 4 day intensive Leadership Training course, designed to rapidly enhance the skillset of the senior leadership team. 
Performance Coaching to embed the learning from the Leadership Training programme, so that learned skills are applied within the business. 
7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Edition 4.0 Programme – This 2 to 3 day workshop provides clients with the tools they need to lead their lives in an effective way. The 7 habits, as outlined in Stephen Covey’s seminal book, represent a proven process of personal and interpersonal growth that can have an immediate and lasting impact. This workshop can be tailored towards the leadership team only or members of the wider business. 
Clarity4d is a psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung. Clarity4d helps individuals to understand themselves, others, and make the most of the relationships that affect them in the workplace. A modular range of workshops can be provided with a focus on either leadership, team or sales skills development. 

   We also create and design bespoke training material to meet the specific requirements of each business that we work with. 

To learn a bit more about some of the tools and processes we use to help our clients, please take a look at these videos... 
This is the final and critical stage of the process – an opportunity to go back to the agreed target outcomes, to ensure that the business owner has achieved a significant return on their investment of time, energy and money. 

If you would like to find out more about any of our services, or want to arrange an initial no-obligation consultation with Arah or one of the team, please get in touch... 

Who I Work With 

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