Author: Arah Perrett, Business Consultant 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature 4.0 Programme 
As an accredited Trainer of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature 4.0 Programme, I regularly revisit the original book written by Stephen Covey. Habit three is called ‘put first things first’. 
Habit Three is about action 
Habit one identifies that we are responsible for our own lives. Habit two relates to our ability to create the life that we want in our imagination. Habit three moves from theory to action. This means doing something every day that takes us towards our desired destination. 
What can you do? 
In my experience this can be the toughest habit of all. Who amongst us sometimes find it hard to do the things that we know we should? 
Our perception of time, or the lack of it, partly explains the gap between what we know we should do to foster our own success and what actually happens. This habit suggests that we look at time in a different way, spending most of it on the things that are most important and reducing the time spent on things that matter less. In other words, focus on the rocks rather than the sand. 
Sounds simple, doesn’t it? In practice, this is harder to do than it sounds. Here are just a few behaviours that can help. 
Identify your most important roles in life – parent, spouse, business owner, etc. 
Identify the two or three most important results that you want in relation to that role in the next 7 days 
Put the activities that relate to those results in your diary. 
Do those things first. 
The roles in your life 
What is your most important role? What are the two or three results that would like to achieve in the next 7 days? What activities would support you in achieving those roles? Have a go at putting those activities into your diary or planner and track the results. You will not be disappointed. Intention in life is everything. 
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