Author: Arah Perrett, Business Consultant 
I was sitting in a hot tub just after Christmas, watching the sun disappear behind the trees and listening to the owls waking up. How lucky I was to be in that moment! 
2020 was not an easy year. Like many, I count myself fortunate to still be in business. The first few months following the start of the Covid 19 pandemic were really uncomfortable. However, there was not a single moment when my standard of living was truly challenged. Food on the table and a safe roof over my head were always a given. 
This has not been the case for everyone. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the wellbeing of millions of people throughout the world. 
However, here is the rub; no matter how positive or negative the economic outlook of the world has been, millions of people across the world have never known food or water security. They have never had that safe roof to protect them or the means to fully support their family. 
We live in a world that appears to be so abundant, despite our treatment of it. Perhaps naively, I ask, “Why is there not enough for everyone?” 
I know that there are many people, who, like me, are perplexed and concerned by this. How can we educate ourselves to understand the issues without the noise of politics getting in the way? And more importantly, how can we best help? 
More importantly, how can I help? 
My resolution for 2021 is to step up, be more conscious and find some ways that I can help. 
What will you be resolute about in 2021? 
I wish you a happy and healthy New Year! 
Arah Perrett 
Thank you for reading this! I hope you have found it helpful. Please get in touch at if you would like to comment on this article. 
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