Author: Arah Perrett, Business Consultant 
I think that we would all agree that if you want to effect real, positive change in your life it helps to have the right mindset. Some psychologists, like Carol Dweck, believe that there are two main types of mindset. Individuals with a growth mindset believe that they can change and grow through application and experience. Those with a fixed mindset tend to believe that we are what we are and that our characteristics are largely fixed. 
How do you know whether you have a growth of fixed mindset? 
What we say to ourselves and others is a good clue to our mindset. Someone with a growth mindset is more likely to use proactive language: 
I can develop 
I enjoy learning new things 
Setbacks are challenges that I can overcome 
I am not the finished article 
Learning is fun 
What do I say when my mindset is fixed? 
I am not good at that kind of thing 
Old dogs can’t learn new tricks 
You must be talented to do that 
I am not very good at anything 
I am what I am. 
How to grow your mentality 
Generally speaking, expanding our mindset is a good thing. The most accessible way to do that is to actively learn something new, and our current circumstances provides abundant opportunities. Embracing change isn’t easy, the temptation to bury our head in the sand and hope things will revert to ‘normal’ is ever present. However, grasping the nettle and going through the process of learning a new skill, however begrudgingly, can help us all to acquire new knowledge and confidence in our ability to thrive. 
Grow your mind 
When it comes to the growth versus fixed mindset debate, I suspect that many of us are hybrids. I like to think of myself as someone with a growth mindset. However, I know that there are areas in my life where I am resistant to change. It is those fixed elements of our ourselves that can struggle to be optimistic and adapt, especially when change is thrust upon us. Self -awareness is the key. 
What have you learnt in recent months that has helped you in life and grown your mindset? 
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