Arah Perrett Consultancy has helped many executives and businesses over the years. 

Here are just a few examples of the positive comments that we have received after working with them... 
I was facing a time of feeling stuck with my life and the work I do and a huge lack of my future ambitions being imaginable and far from a reality. I was fearful of the change I knew I want to make deep down inside and just felt stuck where I was. I felt stuck. Hopeless. Fearful. Frustrated. Impossible. Sad. 
I thought it would be good to work with a Coach external to my organisation with no agenda related to my organisation whatsoever. That a fresh approach would be good to experience. That I was ready for a Coach for myself and you came along at the right time – like it was meant to be. I was also curious as a fellow Coach to experience your style, approach, techniques, and to learn from you too (which I did!). 
I had time just for me to think out loud what was going on inside. I felt I had an outlet for me, just me. 
With you walking alongside me, I faced into my fears, identifying them, thinking them through, establishing what I could do now and later about them, and realising some that were in my unconscious that I needed to recognise and consider. You helped me really look at where I am now and how that is for me and why. 
You helped me consider future options and supported me in facing into what these options would look and feel like. You helped me see and feel the unimaginable – the future I do want. This has left me with limited fear, hope for my future, a new belief that I can achieve what I want to, and a strength to take the tiniest steps knowing that any step is a step in the right direction and closer to where I want to be. 
A huge thank you for the time you gave me, for putting me at the heart of our sessions together. For supporting me through my fears and some very emotional moments. I feel our paths crossed in this way at this time for a reason Arah, and for that I am very appreciative and grateful. THANK YOU!" 
Gillian Gabriel – Development Manager 
I had some big life and career decisions to make and I was unsure of how to move forward and this felt very overwhelming, Arah gave me the space and tools to really think through what I wanted and more importantly why I wanted them and what limiting believes were holding me back. Our work together then allowed me to create a clear plan of what I needed to do and the decisions I needed to take which was immensely impactful. 
Arah is empathic, highly experienced but also direct and challenging but in the kindest of ways and that was exactly what I needed to move my life and decisions forward. I would highly recommended Arah, especially if you are feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed, Arah can help you find the answers you are looking for and the life you deserve and want, you will not look back... 
Libby Williams 
‘My time spent with Arah has been extremely helpful. I had just started in a new leadership role and Arah coached me to understand my core strengths and how I capitalise on these to enable me to bring the best version of myself to work. 
To support this Arah held a mirror up to who I am and helped me understand what enables me to be my best self and the tools that I can apply to achieve this consistently. She really pushed me to be honest with myself about who I am, to embrace that and to ‘own’ who I want to be, both inside and outside of work. 
I would highly recommend Arah to anyone.’ 
Kate – Retail Manager 
Arah’s listening skills are amazing. I really appreciated the thought-provoking questions that she asked me. They really made me think about things. 
"Arah is a brilliant, empathetic, thought-provoking coach!" 

If you would like to find out more about any of our services, or want to arrange an initial no-obligation consultation with Arah or one of the team, please get in touch… 

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