Ever wondered how your business is really doing? Here's a simple free tool that will help you find out. 

Simply complete the quick and easy questionnaire below, and we will get in touch with some advice and guidance to help you and your business flourish. 

Business Performance Scorecard 

Now score yourself from 1 – 5 on each question as follows: 
1 - I’m not yet out of the door 
2 - Satnav on but I don't know the postcode 
3 - En route, but is this the quickest route? 
4 - Nearly there 
5 - I have reached my destination! 
The four perspectives of the balanced scorecard 
The four perspectives of the scorecard are financial, internal processes, learning, customer and learning and growth. Firms that perform well in all four areas put themselves in the best place to achieve their strategic aims. The perspectives are described below: 
This perspective is often the easiest to define and measure. It is a major focus for any balanced scorecard. If the business is not making money, it is likely, in the long term, that there will be challenges in achieving in the other perspectives. 
This perspective focuses on having objectives and measures in place to assess customer satisfaction. This is likely to include having a robust way of gathering and analysing customer feedback. 
Internal processes 
Internal or business processes define how well a business is operating. Often, the success of business operations is defined by the ability to meet customer needs. However, managing internal processes also means identifying any gaps, delays, shortages, or waste and then addressing them accordingly. 
Learning and growth 
This perspective looks at the culture of the business. Are employees aware of the latest industry trends? Does the firm encourage collaboration between employees? Most importantly, do employees have fair and easy access to training and other opportunities that enhance their growth? 

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